South Buffalo Football Association began back in 1966 under Father McCarthy. Under the tutelage and precedents set by him, SBFA has been a foundation for the growth and development of young men and women in the South Buffalo community. Over 55 years of volunteers looking out for the betterment of our youth and teaching the game of football and skill of cheerleading. Thousands of kids have come through our program and still continue to support with their unwavering loyalty, via support at a game, competition, fundraisers or by putting on the polo and helping teach our kiddos as a coach.

Outside of football and cheer, we run various events and fundraisers looking to help everyone in our community while also bringing everyone together in a positive, safe and fun environment. Food drives, clothing and toy drives, we work with local food shelters to help fill their shelves.
It is a family atmosphere throughout SBFA and it is expected for all members to chip in when available and look out for one another as if they were your own family.

Over a half century of giving to the community and continuing the tradition of raising upstanding young men and women. It is all about that Kelly Green, Gold and White here in SBFA. Putting on that uniform means a lot more than just joining a winning a tradition, it means you’re now in a loyal, tough, strong family who will always look out for one another.